Certification Body Name:
SGS Fimko - SGS Fimko Ltd.

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CB Acronym: SGS Fimko ID #: 16
Contact person: Mr. Markus Ahvenus
Address 1: Takomotie 8
City: Helsinki Postal code: 00380
State / Province: FI Country: Finland
Address 2:
Email address: Markus.Ahvenus@sgs.com Url: http://www.sgs.fi
Business phone: +358 9 6963 224 Fax: +358 9 6963 466
Mobile phone: +358 40 5471006  
Deadline for the next Re-assessment: 2024-07-02

Aditionnal contacts informations

Mr. Peter Fagerstedt

Email address: Peter.Fagerstedt@sgs.com
Business phone: +358 9 6963245 Fax:
Mobile phone: +358 50 4081397



CB SGS Fimko - Product Category
Laboratory Name Acronyme Country City
SGS Fimko Ltd. Finland SGS Fimko Finland Helsinki
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch SGS-CSTC Guangzhou China Guangzhou
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch SGS-CSTC STS Shenzhen China Shenzhen
MTL type MTL Laboratory Name MTL Address MTL Country Standards Covered Registration date Latest Revision date Report Ref.
Scheme Given name Family name Location Certification decision Signatory2 Scope limitation Terminated
ENEC, CCA Markus Ahvenus Finland 2009-12-11 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Peter Fagerstedt Finland 2015-12-04 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Matti Huttunen Finland 2004-06-18
ENEC, CCA Seppo Lautamies Finland 2009-06-11 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Joonas Leinonen Finland 2017-11-24 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Timo Leismala Finland 2017-10-19 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Mark Lohmann China 2018-07-29 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Sixten Lökfors Finland 2006-11-03
CCA-EMC Jari Merikari Finland 2004-10-15
CCA-EMC Janne Nyman Finland 2015-04-16
ENEC, CCA Kurt Söderblom Finland 1996-01-01 2023-05-30
ENEC, CCA Tom Törn Finland 1996-01-01
ENEC, CCA Kari Vesterinen Finland 2000-01-01
Given name Family name Location Registered date Terminated date
Jaana Kettunen Finland 2021-08-11
Mikko Malinen Finland 2021-08-11
Sami Hakonen Finland 2021-08-11
Andy Cui China 2021-08-11
Andy Pang Pang China 2021-08-11
Bin Zhang Zhang China 2021-08-11
Deyong Li Li China 2021-08-11
Fly Lu China 2021-08-11
Holon Li China 2021-08-11
Iory Xu China 2021-08-11
Jackson Zhang China 2021-08-11
Jason Hoo China 2021-08-11
Jerry Van China 2021-08-11
Karl Chen China 2021-08-11
Larry-Xl Wang China 2021-08-11
Shenglu Cai China 2021-08-11
Siven Kang China 2021-08-11
Zosin Zhou China 2021-08-11
Chance Yang China 2021-08-11
Eric-S Hu China 2021-08-11
George-Zq Chen China 2021-08-11
Sharplee Li China 2021-08-11
Tiger Yang China 2021-08-11