European regulations

The ENEC Mark Scheme meets the requirements of the New Legislative Framework (new Regulation 765/2008 and Decision 768/2008/EC) adopted by the European Parliament and Council.

The ENEC Mark is a powerful tool to ensure the safety of products entering the market. Compliance continues to be checked during the lifetime of the certification, with responsibility on the manufacturer and distributor in recording product technical data, sourcing, distribution and sales records.

The validity of the ENEC Mark Certification Scheme for all electrical products makes it a single independent high quality mark for Europe. The availability of the Scheme to manufacturers worldwide improves the safety of electrical products being placed on the European market.

The continuing development and wide use of the ENEC Mark Scheme since 1992 makes a significant contribution to the market, enhancing:

• Electrical product safety

• Traceability

• Market surveillance

• Effective handling of any product safety issues