Certification Bodies

Rechargeable Batteries for Emergency Luminaires

A reliable operation of rechargeable batteries is essential for the expected operation of emergency luminaires. Therefore, the batteries are critical components not only for safety – like switches, cables, and several other components already under conformity assessment of third parties and certified - but for the proper functionning of an emergency luminaire operating in hazardous situations.

Manufacturers can send applications for ENEC certifications to Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories who have the rechargeable battery standards in their scope.

 CB: Intertek SEMKO - Sweden
TL: Intertek SEMKO - Sweden
TL: Intertek TSS Guangzhou Branch - China
TL: Intertek TS Shanghai - China

 CB: SGS FIMKO - Finland
TL: SGS-CSTC STS Shenzhen - China

 CB: TUV SUD PS - Germany
TL: TÜV SÜD (China) Shanghai branch - China

 CB: SGS CEBEC - Belgium
TL: SGS-CSTC STS Shanghai - China

 CB: IMQ - Italy
TL: IMQ - Italy

 CB: BV LCIE - France
TL: BV LCIE - France
TL: LCIE China Ltd - China

 CB: TRI MEEI - Hungary
TL: TRI MEEI - Hungary

 CB: SIQ - Slovenia
TL: SIQ - Slovenia

 CB: DEKRA - Netherlands
    TL: DEKRA T&C Shanghai - Guangzhou Branch-China
TL: DEKRA - Netherlands

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