Why ENEC+?


  • ENEC+ is based on an evolution model: as technology and standardisation progress, the requirements of the mark will evolve simultaneously and new performance related elements will be added. This makes ENEC+ future proof.
  • The scheme verifies initial performance claims and assesses the robustness of product design, therefore providing an objective basis for fair comparison of lighting products.
  • ENEC+ significantly reduces the costs related to tenders: no need for repeated product tests against varying qualification rules included in calls for tender. All initial specification elements of LED luminaires and modules are included in ENEC+.
  • Further simplification and cost reduction is provided by the use of qualified manufacturers testing laboratories and the acceptance of their test data by the ENEC+ scheme.


A product carrying the ENEC+ Mark embodies the choice of the manufacturer to welcome independent verification of his initial performance claims.

It demonstrates his commitment to provide the best possible product to the European market.